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Learn About Different Ivories and Identifying Fakes

Ivory is rich, lustrous and beautiful. Not only has it allured centuries of sculptors and carvers, but even after the global ban of elephant ivory, Mammoth ivory is much more in demand. You may have an antique or might have just bought an ivory figurine or if you are planning to do so, it is advisable to first check for genuinely of the piece. Many times, synthetic ivory or even bone is actually used to craft numerous items and then sold as antique ivory. If you are in doubt about your artefact or recently acquired figurine, read on to learn how to differentiate between real ivory and bone.

Look carefully at the art piece where carving is least to check for grain or patterns. These areas are the flat surfaces of a scrimshaw or statues. If you are unable to see through naked eye, take a good magnifying glass and see for crisscross lines of V shaped lines.

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Where and how is Mammoth Ivory Procured?

Trade and carving of mammoth ivory is not a new phenomenon because since the 17th century, in Siberia, mammoth ivory has always not only been carved but has also been used to barter for other products. Being a main center for mammoth ivory procurement, Siberian permafrost holds more than half of the extinct Woolly Mammoth carcasses that are the source of the milky white ivory that conforms to all international legal standards…

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Mammoth Ivory Carved Figurine
Mammoth ivory carving – Figurine

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