Cool stuff A Possible 35,000-year-old Ivory Carving

People always asking me why i am so  crazy for Ivory Carvings – well i finally found the best answer that will shut their mouse.

35,000 years old ivory carving
A carved ivory female figurine


Look at this cool amazing ivory carving that  found in 2008 in a cave in Schelklingen, southern Germany is allegedly the world's oldest reproduction of a human with an estimated age of at least 35,000 years.




Quality and Grades of Artistic Ivory

The main sources of Mammoth Ivory are the regions of Siberia and Alaska. Although the average age of mammoth ivory that is sourced is 10,000 years but there are many instances when anthropologists have dated mammoth ivory to be over 50,000 years old. Many mammoth ivory tusks have been found to be over 14 feet long and male tusks are bigger than the female ones. One of the rare finds is the baby tusks without any damage.

The extinct Mammoth ivory known to be harvested from Woolly Mammoths that perished at least 10,000 years ago, has become rare to find and has become a bigger trade proposition in the last few decades, especially after the ban on the elephant ivory. The excavated mammoth ivory is legally dug and is segregated in a variety of grading and many specific ivory categorizations. There are many forms of ivory which do not make the grade for artistic endeavors, amongst other varieties. Broadly classified into Grade ‘A’ Ivory which comprises of complete tusks, though the length and weight may differ. There is Bark Ivory which does not have complete inner ivory and 3 grades of ivory for artists.

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Carved Ivory  Figurine