Difference Between Mammoth Ivory and Bone Sculptures

Although different bones of animals have been since time immemorial, a lot of bone sculptures are sold as fake ivory. If you have invested in ivory but have your doubts about the authenticity of the material, here are some tips to check it on your own. The first thing is the price. If you got it cheap or at heavy discounted price, it is for certain that a large “ivory” sculpture is bone or other materials. Ivory is expensive and even if there is a discount on it, it is still more expensive than any other materials. Thus, it is for sure that if it was quite a steal, it is bone or synthetic ivory or resin.

There are many dealers that sell bone as ivory so you need to be aware when you purchase any at the store or online. The most tell-tale sign of bone is the tiny canals that run through the bone and cannot be completely masked. Even if the bones are bleached and sub dried, the canals may be very light but still be visible. These are canals work to house the nerves and run blood through it so over time; it decays as lines of dark colors. So move the piece through UV rays or bright light However, pure mammoth ivory or any ivory even fossil ivory does not have it at all. Elephant and mammoth ivory only have inherent lines that are clearly visible even without UV light. Browse more to know about identifying mammoth ivory by focusing on the Schreger lines. They differ in mammoth ivory and elephant ivory. Know more about mammoth ivory identification and art pieces at http://www.mammothivory.info