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Huge Mammoth Ivory TuskIvoryCarving.org goal is giving you all the information about Carved Ivory. We will gather Anything & Everything about Ivory Carving that we can find.

I f you love Carved Ivory this is the Place to be in.

·         Best ecommerce sites that selling Carved Ivory.

·         Where can you sell your Ivory carving?

·         Guide for Identify different types of   Ivory?

·         What kind of Ivory is legal to sell?

·         What kind of Ivory Is Legal?

And much more about Ivory Carving!

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  1. I have a 10″ what I believe is a hand carved ivory pipe. It has 2 dragons carved on it as well as a Buddhist monk. Now here’s the thing that I’m questioning about the piece is that it is made of 3 different pieces. Please e mail me back something and I ll send pictures if need be to show what I’m trying to explain. Thank you

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